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Our Objective

Clipping Path International (CPI) is an Image editing service provider but specialized in Clipping Path Service. CPI has started it’s services with a great purpose in a new dimension in the age of globalization. From the sense of an eminent dutifulness, CPI thinks it important to ensure the responsibility by establishing a good relationship, providing the better services and integrity among the people. CPI has a firm belief in its creativity, 100% quality and right exchange. In that sense with some extraordinary experienced graphics designer, CPI wants to serve those people who themselves are interested to have 100% quality.

CPI evaluates it’s own philosophical thoughts and beliefs and hope that we would be able to contribute a lot in the way of the development of the universe by it’s patron power. CPI is a dictatorial name when it comes to the quality. And our first aid is to meet the client’s expectation providing lovely quality services in a lower cost. So, CPI production facility has been set up in Bangladesh as a lower cost region.

The Key Features

Clipping Path International (CPI) ensures the best quality for your projects.CPI always concerned about your ultimate satisfaction.
The price is a major issue to all customers. Clipping Path International (CPI) considers it with importance and serves at lowest price as possible.
An easy Payment system is very common requirement of customers. So CPI respects the customers demand and allows the payment via Paypal.

Our Business

Clipping Path International (CPI) is an unique Image Editing firm has developed it’s area for quality services in Indian Sub Continent and achieved fame serving to the various customers. Our effort for all kinds of image manipulation services like as: Clipping path, Masking, Raster to Vector, image conversion and so on. We are also working for Newspapers, Magazines, Modeling Agencies, Photographers, e-commerce Shop, Advertising Agencies as well as Printing & Publishing Companies.

Our Speciality

Yes, certainly you are looking for such a service provider who can fulfill your requirements. Here you can take rest from as we know well what a customer may demand. Yet, you are absolutely free to ask/share anything whatever you need for. We believe that you are happy on: Quality Work, Right Commitment, Reasonable Cost, Time Maintenance. Clipping Path International (CPI) possesses the things and reflects accordingly.

Our Services

Clipping Path

Clipping path is the way to remove the background of an image by creating an outline around the object to be removed using closed vector path. It is a Photoshop art work.


Masking Service

Masking is a Photoshop artwork that exactly works as an alternative of Clipping path to isolate a particular area or image background. It applies especially for hair, smoke or fuzzy parts of image.



Photo retouching includes the elimination of the spots or blemishes like pimples, dust, tattoos, skin contours, facial hairs and an addition of the warmth or glows to give an ideal color and dazzling look to your picture.


Shadow Creation

Shadow work of an object is done by laying a direct shade or creating a mirror reflection in a suitable position to give an image a natural and attractive look. Shadow of an image can give you 3D feel and a sense of a reality of an image.


Neck Joint

Neck joint or Ghost manipulation is a process to remove the body object or mannequin from the garment to help maintain the real shape of the clothing from various angles as like when they are worn.


Vector Art

Raster to vector (R2V) image conversion is well known as image conversion from the raster photo format to the vector photo format. The raster image is made up of series of pixels, little color dots which altogether create a complete



Shadow Creation




Image Masking




Clipping path

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